Greek wedding traditions

Preparing girls for the wedding started with its birth from ancient times to the present day. Greek mothers prepared a dowry for their daughters, and collected everything needed for farming. The dowry included the land, herds of animals, money, bed linen and towels. The bride's father was supposed to prepare the equipped house for the newlyweds.


Bride’sjewellering is called «nifostoli». It happens before the wedding on a Friday or Saturday night. Unmarried girlfriend decorate the bride's house by embroidered blankets and pillows, bed linen and other dowry. Guests decorate marriage bed with flowers. It is considered a bad sign for the future family to see the bride before the wedding.


Women help her to comb hair and wear a wedding dress. She writes on the soles of wedding shoes names of unmarried girlfriends. The first name on the bottom, which is erased, belongs to a girl who will marry next.


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Attala Gallery: one of the largest shopping centers of antiquity

You can find covered shopping arcades in each Greek city. They can have traditional tavernas and cafes, which are closely linked with the history of human settlements, where they are located.


Ancient Agorais one of the architectural and decorative features of ancient Athens. Agora has several galleries that were used to shelter from the burning rays of the sun, representing a place for rest and walks under the canopy roofs and colonnades, as well as for meetings and philosophical dialogues.


Attala gallery was destroyed by the Heruli (Germanic tribe) in 267 year.It became part of the city wall. Attala gallery served as a defensive fortification in the time of Frankish and Ottoman rule. The stones of its walls were used for the construction of two Frankish towers located near the Propylaea of ​​the Acropolis and in front of them. One of these towers in south-east side was used by the Athenians as a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary towers — Panagia Pirgiotissy. Some of work includes picturs of Santorini volcano tours by travellers. The restoration work has been carried out in recent times from 1953 to 1956. The project was realized thanks to the donation of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.



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Greek ornament

Greek meander is familiar to each of us from childhood. This pattern is embroidered on clothing, is engraved on the dishes, drawing on household items, printed on the covers of books and textbooks.

There are a lot of legends and fascinating stories about how a square wave was createdand what it means. The first traces of this pattern were found on Neolithic clay cuttings. Scientists believe that ancient Greeks found the meaning of life and the magical story of the cycling universe in a continuous ribbon of angles. The right angle in this case is a symbol of wisdom and virtue. It was believed that anyone who has adorned the hem of the dress in this picture leads a righteous life.

If we recall the history of a meander, it turns out that the interesting name comes from the tortuous and unpredictable Meander River in Asia Minor. Meander can be considered sufficiently rigid pattern composed of a continuous broken line at right angles to the line. Architectural objects and household items were decorated by a meander ornament as was very popular in ancient Greek, ancient Roman and Byzantine cultures.


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