Greek wedding traditions

Preparing girls for the wedding started with its birth from ancient times to the present day. Greek mothers prepared a dowry for their daughters, and collected everything needed for farming. The dowry included the land, herds of animals, money, bed linen and towels. The bride's father was supposed to prepare the equipped house for the newlyweds.


Bride’sjewellering is called «nifostoli». It happens before the wedding on a Friday or Saturday night. Unmarried girlfriend decorate the bride's house by embroidered blankets and pillows, bed linen and other dowry. Guests decorate marriage bed with flowers. It is considered a bad sign for the future family to see the bride before the wedding.


Women help her to comb hair and wear a wedding dress. She writes on the soles of wedding shoes names of unmarried girlfriends. The first name on the bottom, which is erased, belongs to a girl who will marry next.

The newlyweds go on their honeymoon the day after the wedding. Travel must remain in a secret. Almost all newlyweds both from Greece and other countries like cruise excursions in Santorini island. You can make the best photos on this romantic island after the wedding.

Relatives and friends of the groom go to his house to shave future husband and godfather. Godfather goes for the bride to warn that everyone is waiting for her arrival. Next car pulls out and groom, followed by «paranifakia» little girls' dressed in white dresses.


The bride's father brings her to the church. Father sends his daughter to a happy groom hand. Godfather wears ringsto both newlyweds during the wedding.


The process of wedding in church is very beautiful. Honeymooners showered with rice, symbolizing wealth. Then all the guests congratulate the newlyweds, their parents and godfather. All guests receive «bombonieres» gifts at the exit of the church. These gifts are specially prepared for the wedding guests.


All guests go to the Glenda feast in the restaurant, wherethe eat, dance and listen to instrumental music. All the fun begins after the newlyweds come to the restaurant. The first to start dancing are bride and bridegroom. Their first dance create one big circle for all the guests.


There is a very interesting ceremony, when unmarried guys go to dance to the scene with the bride. The bride throws her handkerchief in a circle while dancing. It is believed that the one who catches the handkerchief will marry soon. Bride is protected from experiences and carry her for the first year after the wedding.